BUFFALO, N.Y. — ​Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is giving a peek at his plans to rebuild the Queen City post-pandemic with his 2022 budget.

He's proposing a nearly $535,000,000 budget, what the mayor called a nearly 3% growth rate over this year's budget.

Mayor Brown cites higher personnel costs and the lifting of a wage freeze for that growth.

A sum of $200,000 is being set aside for "LEAD," the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion plan as part of the city's reform of the police department.

He touted a proposed drop in residential property tax of more than 1%, with a nearly 2.75% increase in commercial property taxes.

"One of our plans was to keep the tax rate low so our homeowners and our businesses could recover from the pandemic, but to also stimulate additional investment in our community," Brown said.

The proposed budget is up in full on the city's website.

Common Council has the next three weeks to consider it and ask for any changes.