A "Trump Trailer" is hard to miss for anyone driving through North Tonawanda. The store is propped up in a concession truck full of merchandise promoting President Donald Trump.

What You Need To Know

  • Local man makes Trump Trailer to make ends meet to survive pandemic

  • He sells shirts, hats, and collectibles supporting President Trump

  • While some negative, the owner says the response from the community has been mostly positive

"None of the events we do this year were running, so we had to come up with a plan B to survive COVID," Tom said, who owns the trailer.

Tom, who didn't want to give his last name, says the response to the trailer from the community has been mostly positive.

"We get a lot of support and a lot of like-minded people come to the trailer."

The trailer has been running since June and sits inside Gratwick Park. It's full of red, white and blue hats, shirts and other collectibles. Tom says he sees nothing wrong with showing support for what you believe in.

"I don't see any Trump merchandise anywhere else in the city or in the suburbs."

He says business has been steady and he has been able to get by. He says while he would love to have multiple locations the pandemic isn't letting that happen.

Tom added that there are days where he gets some hate and negative comments, but he takes the time to hear opinions and moves on.

"We get comments from democratic parties that aren't the best, but 90 percent of what we get is positive," he said.

He says right now he's just riding the waves of the American flag, but there have been some experiences that he'll never forget.

"Some Black Lives Matter protesters came out to the trailer and they were peaceful, but there was a lot of interaction with the protesters and my customers," he said. "The first day was crazy and I never thought it would be like that in a million years."

Tom says he plans to continue selling merchandise until the end of the election.