Home is where many people have been spending much of their time during the coronavirus pandemic.

And finding the perfect fit has been on quite a few Western New York residents' minds. Local realtor Michael Harke says that demand is great.

What You Need To Know

  • Currently, homes in Western New York can be shown in person with restrictions

  • Local realtors say the demand for housing during the pandemic has been great 

  • Only two people plus the realtor are allowed in the house at a time

"It's been extremely busy the last two weeks. It's been nonstop. I've actually lost track of the dates. We lose track of Monday through Sunday now," says Michael Hartke, of Howard Hanna Real Estate. 

Harke is currently allowed to show homes in person, but with several restrictions, since following all government mandates ensures safe transactions.

Everything in the houses is carefully wiped down and closet doors are left open to reduce contact. Only two people plus the realtor are allowed in a home at a time. 

"Usually just the parents…we don't normally allow children in. They can wait in the car. If they're toddlers, the parents can take turns coming in and out of the house, but it works. The buyers all sign wavers before they go in the homes and that way, it's all kept on file, so everyone knows who has gone in the home and through the home." adds Hartke.  

Despite the pandemic, Hartke has sold almost $12 million in real estate this year alone, and the year is only half over. 

Local realtor Ryan Connolly says that he believes there was demand, even during what he describes as the height of COVID-19. 

"Even the homes that did get listed when people couldn't walk in them were selling multiple offers, but I think we saw the market get to a level that we expect to see what we consider our spring market once we hit mid-June. Once we started to feel as an area that we were opening up, we saw a lot more people get comfortable putting their homes on the market," says Ryan Connolly, of RE/MAX Plus.

Despite the challenges of showing homes during a pandemic, local realtors say the market is strong.