"It's beyond words. I'm still in shock a day later," said Rabbi Alex Lazarus-Klein.

For Lazarus-Klein, the mass shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh that claimed 11 lives and wounded six others hits too close to home.

"We know people over there. The Jewish community is so small. I've even been over there to Squirrel Hill several times and worked with members of that community," he said.

Now it’s the community here that's helping him get to through the tragedy.

Immediately following the shooting, Lazarus-Klein says he received numerous calls from faith leaders across the region offering their condolences and support. On Sunday, he joined Pastor Bill Hennessy at North Presbyterian Church to talk about the shooting and pray for families of the victims.

"This is a city of neighbors and we're really only one step removed from anyone. And I've lived here 10 years and I've made so many wonderful relations throughout the community so, this is the time, unfortunately, you have to call on them, where you see how strong we are together as a community," said Lazarus-Klein.

"I try to tell folks we're a drawing from the same well," said Pastor Hennessy.   

Hennessy says it's important at times like to show that unity.

“There’s a need to reach out and be very intentional about our support. Let folks know that we don't share that kind of hatred, we want to have relationships with our neighbors of every faith because we share so much more than we disagree on," he said.

As far as moving forward, Lazarus-Klein says there are far more questions than answers right now. Still, he's hopeful that together they'll get through this uncertain time.

"It's just a tragedy beyond belief. First we need to mourn. It terms of what to do? That will materialize. There are no easy solutions. We've already taken steps in terms of security and I'm sure we'll continue to do. But hopefully this will strengthen us and embolden us to work together even closer," said Lazarus-Klein.