Turn those fruit and vegetable scraps into rich, nutritious soil and help gardens grow.

The City of Buffalo and the Massachusetts Avenue Project are teaming up to collect and compost waste.

Through the end of June, people are invited to drop off fruit and vegetable scraps, cut flowers, lawn trimmings, coffee grinds, paper products and other natural, biodegradable items —excluding meat and dairy products or foods cooked in oil — to Massachusetts Avenue Park.

Items will be collected between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. each week at the food stand.

Between drop-offs, any scraps to be donated can be stored in the freezer or a covered bucket kept out of direct sunlight.

“If you just think about one meal, you cook all the tops and ends of everything,” said Danielle Rovillo, Massachusetts Avenue Project market director. “It’s all going into the landfill and taking up space when it could be utilized more effectively in our gardens.”