BUFFALO, N.Y.  —  When two police cars arrivied at 54 Macamley Street around 7:15 p.m. Monday, neighbors didn't pay much attention.

"Figured it was just some type of skirmish, like we have sometimes,” said neighbor Elizabeth Jarmusz.

Moments later, Jarmusz saw yellow tape.

“They attached it to the corner of my home and I thought 'Oh my god someone died,'’' she recalled.

Buffalo Police investigators a found a mixture of chemicals inside the house, evidence of a meth lab.

Jarmusz and other neighbors are angry that someone in their community put their lives in danger. 

Buffalo police sources say a man was using the one-bottle method to make the meth in the attic, a method that makes it easier to transport the drug. 

Sources say a family member called 911 after hearing the suspect breaking things in the attic. When the suspect saw police, he jumped out of a third story window and ran. 

The search continues for the suspect. Sources say a search warrant will be executed on the entire home as the investigation continues.