BUFFALO, N.Y. — Fusing hip hop and art, and bringing it to the streets of Buffalo.

The UB Arts Collaboratory teamed up with local musicians to take over the Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology on Saturday.

The art collective art dealer helped set up the school's storefront to build an immersive experience for visitors, with live music and live paintings.

The organizers say the event was part of a city-wide art installation called Art Playground, an initiative aimed at getting people out of the house, and sharing their culture with the rest of Buffalo.

"It became bigger than just the hip hop. This is really about the arts, and pushing the culture forward. All the elements. Dancing, painting, music, family. All of that," said art dealer Bryant Toney.

There were only three rules when it came to the Art Playground. 

Follow coronavirus protection guidelines, don't touch the art, and be inspired.