BUFFALO, N.Y. — Buffalo Public Schools celebrated National School Breakfast Week this week.

The district made it easier for students to get a nutritious meal before school starts by bringing healthy local food to them hot off the food truck.

From burritos loaded with turkey, potatoes and cheese, to hot cocoa from local dairy farms.

Serving roughly 25,000 breakfasts daily, the staff at Buffalo Public Schools are fueling students for success before they head off to class.

Studies show that having a morning meal helps students focus academically and have better behavioral outcomes throughout the day. 



And with many students in community eligibility programs, staff members say it's important to make it easy for all children to access healthy meals for free.

"So we know that with our students, and especially here in Buffalo, we have our community eligibility program, so most of our students are, you know, struggling financially at home," said Bridget O'Brien Wood, BPS food service director. "So especially with the skyrocketing food prices right now. This is a big help for our families that our children can have breakfast and lunch at school, and that's really going to help them with their family budget."

The emphasis is to use as many local ingredients as possible, teaming up with local farmers for ingredients like cheese and milk.

Because of that, O'Brien Wood says they were lucky not to face any supply chain issues.