Kenmore-Tonawanda Union Free Students will not be heading back into the school building. 

The district announced they will be starting fully remote.

They say in a survey, more than 45 percent of families said that's what they wanted.

District officials had previously said they wanted a hybrid model, but they say the challenges were too much.

"I'm not happy at this point with where our buildings currently are, with our PPE, I'm not happy with where we are on our level of readiness," said Superintendent Sabatino Cimato. "For example, we may have much hand sanitizer, but because of national demand, we only have so much hand sanitizer. I'm not comfortable, knowing we only have a few weeks supply. 

The district plans to have four phases to bring kids back. This first phase of remote of instruction will be until October 13. The goal is to bring universal pre-K, Kindergarten, first grade, special education, and BOCES students four days per week, by that time.

Grades 6 to 12 will be the last to come back to the building, and that won't be until at least January 2021.