Cynthia Nixon kicked off her gubernatorial campaign Tuesday in Brooklyn with some harsh words directed right at Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The TV and Broadway star held her first campaign event in Brownsville.

The event comes one day after she released a campaign ad revealing she would challenge Governor Cuomo in a Democratic primary this September.

During the speech, Nixon attacked the governor on ethics, the transit system, equality in education, and his politics.

"Eight years ago I voted for Andrew Cuomo because i believed he was a real Democrat. But since taking office he has shown us his true colors," said Nixon. "Today New York schools are the second most unequal in the entire country. And the gap between the richest and poorest schools has grown wider today under Andrew Cuomo than it's ever been. New York State itself is the single most unequal state in the country. The top one percent of New Yorkers earn 45 times what the other 99 percent combined."

At one point Nixon referred to New York under Governor Cuomo as "an exercise in living with disappointment, dysfunction, and dishonesty," and said more could have been accomplished if a "real Democrat" was in office. 

Governor Cuomo's office on Monday responded to Nixon's announcement with a statement, saying in part, "It’s great that we live in a democracy where anyone can run for office. Governor Cuomo has delivered more real progressive wins than any other Democrat in the country.We look forward to building on that record as we continue to fight and deliver for New York families statewide."