"Meatless Monday" is coming to a few city schools in Brooklyn.

Cafeterias in 15 schools will go vegetarian for one day a week for breakfast and lunch.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the initiative Monday while touring P.S. 1 in Sunset Park.

He says the move is good for their health, and their carbon footprint.

"It's good for everyone, and this is about recognizing again our own health and the health of the planet," the Mayor said. "It is about making different choices and starting to move in a different direction. Everyone will do it their own way, everyone will exercise their own choice, but one thing we can say overall is it's a good direction for our society and certainly for our city to move in."

"Meatless Mondays" officially kicks off next spring.

The mayor says he'll also participate.

All Monday meals at Gracie Mansion will be vegetarian.