GLASGOW, Ky.  — For those looking to obtain a license in Kentucky the process is no longer being handled by circuit clerks but but instead by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. 

What You Need To Know

  • 24 Kentucky Transportation Cabinet regional offices will be handling new licensing and Real ID's throughout the state

  • Online and mail in options are available for renewals

  • 25 regional and pop up offices set up to help with licenses

The move may seem small and for Kentuckians like Matthew Estes he is adapting just like everyone else.

“I think it should be an option but not the only option," said Estes "My grandma she enjoys getting out and doing things physically she doesn't have internet or a cellphone so she would have to get someone to do it for her.”

Good news for Estes is that in person appointments can still be made they are just being handled by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Circuit clerks will now be able to focus on other issues within the state.

Estes says he appreciates the fast service that in person visits allow. 

“It’s different then it was last time," said Estes "I had to use a booth outside and wait for it to be mailed at least I got it right away today and that is the way I prefer it.”

Online renewals are an option for those with the same name and address.

Estes says the mail-in option may have one obstacle that some don't think about. 

"Most people wait until it expires to get a new one," said Estes "So if you do it online and get pulled over you might get in trouble so you got to be prepared and do it a little earlier I guess.”

The new system should be in every regional office by the middle of 2022. There are 25 regional and pop up offices set up to issue licenses.  To learn more about what you need to get a new Real ID or to find a regional office near you, you can look at this website