AUSTIN, Texas -- Local artists are opening up their studios to the public to show their creative process.

The East Austin Studio Tour event allows artists to meet the public in a more relaxed environment. Jennifer Chenoweth is a local artist. She hosts other artists every year in her home for the East Austin Studio Tour. 

Each room in her home is turned into a personal, intimate art gallery. Chenoweth said it creates a space for people to interact visit and share inspirations.

“This is an opportunity to have a conversation with people and really invite them in in a trustworthy way and that's a really neat thing that is just Austin,” she said.

The East Studio Tour started 16 years ago with just over 20 artists involved and has grown to more than 500 this year. Residents can go to the various locations across East Austin to see a variety of different talents. Artists enjoy direct contact to get feedback on their work.

"Most artists work by themselves and so you are isolated you are doing your work. You have all these questioning, ‘Is it good? Is it not good?’ When you get the confirmation, it feels so good for an artist,” said Valerie Chaussonnet, an artist featured at Chenoweth’s home.

It's not just paintings on the wall. Sculptures, photography, live performances, and jewelry are also welcome. There are dozens of locations to check out artwork. To find them, visit

The event will continue November 18-19.