Have you ever wondered what the inside of a major hurricane looks like? Well, look no further.

What You Need To Know

  • NOAA is working with the company, Saildrone, to collect hurricane data

  • A saildrone was able to view the inside of a major hurricane

  • The data collected by saildrones could help improve forecasting in the future

NOAA has teamed up with Saildrone to capture incredible footage inside Hurricane Sam.

They directed Saildrone Explorer SD 1045 into Sam, a Category 4 hurricane, where the saildrone battled 50-foot waves and winds over 120 mph.

According to Saildrone inc., a saildrone is a wind and solar-powered machine with 20 science sensors on it, used to collect meteorological and oceanographic data.

The saildrone was able to get very close to the eye of the hurricane. In the video below, you can see its exact location.

With the saildrone's special hurricane wing, it can operate in extreme wind conditions, allowing it to collect real-time observations for hurricane prediction models.

SD 1045 is one of five hurricane saildrones operating in the Atlantic Ocean for the 2021 season. The new data helps scientists understand the physical processes of hurricanes.

This could help improve forecasting, which would lead to a reduction in loss of human life if coastal communities could better prepare.


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