With the Fourth of July upon us, fireworks season is in full swing.

While you should always follow proper safety measures when handling fireworks, you should also pay close attention to the forecast.

What You Need To Know

  • Dry conditions can exacerbate the fire risk associated with fireworks

  • Wet, humid weather tends to produce less vibrant colors

  • Too calm or too strong of a wind is not ideal for setting off pyrotechnics

Weather can be an important factor in deciding if it’s safe to light that fuse.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:



Fireworks and droughts do not mix.

Summer conditions can allow for vegetation to become more susceptible to fire. Each year, fireworks spawn tens of thousands of fires, both big and small. These fires can lead to serious property destruction and even loss of life.

In fact, many large-scale displays are typically set off over bodies of water to avoid embers falling into dry, wooded areas. Oftentimes, local authorities will ban the use of fireworks in high fire risk or drought conditions.

Be sure to light fireworks away from homes and other flammable material. Keep a bucket of water nearby in case embers ignite.



Rain and Lightning

Rain can surely put a damper on your firework festivities.

If you do try and push through however, keep in mind that wet fuses will not light. Humid air also can alter the appearance of fireworks, making them appear less vibrant than they normally would be.

And always forgo lighting off any fireworks if you hear thunder.

Lightning can strike unlit fireworks, setting them off. Of course, you also become a target for the bolts during a thunderstorm.


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Another important consideration when lighting pyrotechnics is wind.

Strong wind can push falling embers into areas with spectators or into highly combustible trees. The winds can also blow smoke down to ground level. 

Even a calm wind isn’t ideal however.

Smoke can remain stagnant in a calm wind and reduce air quality as well.


Keep an Eye to the Sky

Be weather aware and always check the forecast before taking out those fireworks.

And most importantly, have fun!