Audra Ramos and Jumal George’s cupcakes are filled with sprinkles and special care.

“I think so much when I do this,” Ramos said. “It’s like I want it to be perfect. They deserve perfect. I don’t want to mess up.”

Ramos and George are volunteers with “For Goodness Cakes,” a national nonprofit organization that has do-gooders bake birthday desserts for people who can’t afford them.

What You Need To Know

  • Audra Ramos and her fiancé, Jumal George, volunteer with "For Goodness Cakes." They are some of the many volunteers nationwide making sure everyone has the opportunity to blow out candles on their birthdays

  • Ramos learned to give back from her adoptive mother, who died from the coronavirus during lockdown

  • Ramos and George have baked a dozen cakes and cupcakes, ensuring that people all over the city will be able to celebrate their birthdays

“It’s sad and I feel like they deserve the world,” Ramos said. “It’s the simplest thing, I feel like, for someone to have a cake for their birthday. So why not bake it up?”

Ramos joined “For Goodness Cakes” in June. Already a professional baker, she was inspired by her adoptive mother, Minerva, to give back.

Minerva died from COVID-19 during lockdown.

“She made me happy,” Ramos said, remembering her mother. “I never had to worry about whether I had a cake for a birthday. So I don’t feel like any other kids should have to worry about that.”

Ramos and George, her fiancé, have baked a dozen cakes since then.

They’ve decorated them with video games and cartoon characters.

NY1 met up with them as they decorated soccer-themed cupcakes for 13-year-old Heymar.

Heymar attends after school at the Red Hook Art Project.

And not too long after Ramos delivered the cakes, Heymar got to make a wish.

It’s a simple but important experience.

“They don’t got to get a regular grocery store cake,” Ramos said. “They got a cake that got some extra love put into it. It’s just, it’s a happy feeling. It’s a warming feeling. I just wish I could do hundreds of cakes a day, honestly.”

For sprinkling birthday joy throughout the City, Audra Ramos is our New Yorker of the Week.