A growing number of Republicans and Democrats alike in the Legislature are questioning whether Governor Andrew Cuomo's power to conduct the response to the COVID-19 pandemic should be scaled back. 

This would come as the state continues to face the COVID-19 pandemic. So, how would New York still manage the crisis?

"We could implement legislation to give him some ability in the case of a really catastrophic health need," Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay said in an interview on Capital Tonight. "We still need legislative oversight."

There could be limitations on Cuomo's power, including a 45-day renewal period. The Legislature right now can overturn any executive order through a concurrent resolution. But it is yet to do so. 

This comes, too, as Cuomo faces a controversy over his administration's handling of nursing homes during the pandemic and their disclosure of information. 

"I think it's a matter of trust," Barclay said. "If we're not getting a straight information on nursing home deaths, how can we get a straight information on any executive order that's been issued?"