The plan to overhaul the triple-cantilever portion of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway has been delayed once again.

During testimony at a City Council hearing Wednesday, transportation officials revealed work won’t start until at least 2028 on the section of highway from Sands Street to Atlantic Avenue.

Earlier this year, the Federal Department of Transportation rejected the city’s request for $800 million to overhaul the more than 70-year-old section of highway that’s at risk of collapse.

Councilmembers have concerns, but city Department of Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodríguez says they need more time.

“Well, as part of the process of the process, last year we did a lot of community engagement. We [are] working with the team, we’re working with the state, the federal government. We’re doing a lot of community engagement. We’re going back to the community over the summer,” he said. “I have huge concerns about the BQE, especially the cantilever. Our committee has been focused on that for the past almost three years now.”

Initially, the Adams administration wanted to expand the number of lanes in each direction, but neighborhood and environmental groups were not on board.