The Democratic mayoral nominee was trying to make an entrance. 

Eric Adams says he is an avid biker, so he took a Citibike in Chelsea on Tuesday morning. A quintessential photo op to get the endorsement of StreetsPac, a pro-bike political action committee. 

Two weeks ahead of Election Day, it's been a somewhat sleepy campaign for Adams, who is widely favored to win City Hall. That said, he was trying to flex his bike bona fides by explaining how often he plans to bike to work should he win next month. 

What You Need To Know

  • Curtis Sliwa and Eric Adams have not spent much time clashing on the campaign trail

  • On Tuesday, the two faced off over transit issues

  • Adams wants to expand the city's bike lane network. Sliwa does not.

"I was the first borough president in history to ride a bike to and from their place of employment, and probably period," Adams said.

Not surprisingly, his Republican opponent immediately fired back. 

"Why not a bike-a-thon in which we both get on bicycles at the same time,” Curtis Sliwa suggested. “I will do a number of tricks, no hands riding. Let's see what Eric Adams can do."

It's certainly an area where he and his opponent disagree. While Adams wants to add hundreds of miles of protected bike lanes to our streets, Sliwa wants to lose the ones that aren't being used. 

"If you don't use it, you lose it,” Sliwa said at an unrelated press conference in Manhattan. “But we're not going to expand bike lanes now. We have to make it safer for bicyclists because it's not safe.

"No I don’t agree with him,” Adams said. “Bike lanes are not used because we are not encouraging and promoting and incentivizing the use for it. I don't think he knows how to ride a bike.

Separately, Sliwa released his animal welfare agenda, which included creating no-kill shelters and dismantling the horse carriage industry. That’s another area where these two differ.

The Eric Adams campaign says he supports the horse carriage industry, but is open to discussing some changes. 

For now, these rides are staying put.