Astoria residents who spoke with NY1 on Tuesday all said that illegal ATV and dirt bike activity in and near the park has been an issue.

“The noise is obviously an issue. I mean, you can hear something happening as we speak,” said Astoria resident Milan Kowalewski, who spoke as the roar of a vehicle was heard in the background.

Over the weekend, one parkgoer captured cellphone video which shows more than 50 riders, on ATVs and dirt bikes, riding through Astoria Skate Park, which is located within Astoria Park.

“There are parents pushing strollers in that video, and everything came to halt because 100 ATVs and dirt bikes came plowing through,” said Anthony Liberatoscioli, the chairperson for the Astoria Park Alliance.

A spokesperson for NYC Parks said, “We’re currently exploring options to deter the use of illegal dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles in parks across the city.”

"In response to last weekend’s incident, we’ve assigned additional Parks Enforcement Patrol Officers to help educate visitors about park rules and take enforcement action, if necessary," said Anessa Hodgson, press officer for NYC Parks.

Some longtime community members told NY1 that they‘ve been asking for help with illegal riders in and around the park for years, but said their requests for consistent enforcement have never been filled.

People who live near the park said that the issue has become an even bigger problem since the pandemic began, and it continues to this day.

“Safety is one of my biggest concerns with all of that. The noise is an issue, especially when there are huge groups but riding through red light, doing wheelies,” said Astoria resident Caitlin Fitzpatrick.

“You can hear it happening at all hours. I’d say from noon all the way up to 1 a.m.,” said Lloyd Harrell, also an Astoria resident.

The NYPD told NY1 that it has received complaints about illegal dirt bikes and ATV on city streets and sidewalks.

They did not comment on any specific efforts to step up enforcement, but do periodically post seizures on social media and remind riders it is illegal.

Last month, the NYPD posted a video showing what they do with the dirt bikes and ATVs they seize. The video shows dirt bikes being crushed and then run through a machine that turns the metal into tony pieces.

Those who live in Astoria told NY1 that they aren't seeing enforcement in their neighborhood.

“Yeah, they should be doing more,” Kowalewski said.

State Sen. Mike Gianaris’ office told NY1 that they have received complaints about ATV and dirt bikes illegally being used on Astoria’s streets and sidewalks and in Astoria Park.

“I have heard from many neighbors with concerns about reckless ATV operators in our neighborhood. I stand ready to do whatever is necessary to keep our streets from becoming a playground for these dangerous vehicles and their thoughtless drivers,” Gianaris said.

The Astoria Park Alliance pointed out that the city is in the midst of $30 million in renovations to Astoria Park in an effort to make it an anchor destination in the neighborhood. They said they don’t want to see any of the riders damage the investments that have already been made for the community to enjoy.