NEW YORK — Democratic members of Congress Jerry Nadler, Carolyn Maloney, and Nydia Velázquez are pushing for a bill to improve helicopter safety.

The measure would ban nonessential helicopter traffic over the five boroughs. 

The group announced the re-introduction of the Improving Helicopter Safety Act into Congress on Sunday. 

They argue that in addition to the constant noise pollution from helicopters, the risk of crashes in a densely populated airspace puts New Yorkers at risk. 

"You don't have to look any further then the 30 helicopter crashes since 1982 that have caused at least 25 fatalities for proof," Nadler said. "This bill is about prioritizes. Do we prioritize tourists joyriding over our city, and endangering our lives? Or do we prioritize the health of New Yorkers who live here year round?" 

Congressional members say complaints to the FAA to do something about this problem have largely been ignored.