NEW YORK - The general manager of Mac’s Public House, the Staten Island bar that declared itself an autonomous zone, was arrested for a second time Saturday night after dragging a sheriff’s deputy with his car, according to police.

Deputies were staking out the pub when they say they observed several patrons entering through the back door, where food and beverages were being served to unmasked patrons.

After closing up the bar after midnight, police say the 34-year-old, Daniel Presti, resisted arrest as deputies attempted to issue him another summons for violating coronavirus orders by running a modern-day speakeasy out of the bar.

That’s when Presti fled on foot up Lincoln Avenue toward his car.

Despite orders to stop, Presti entered his vehicle and put it into gear, striking one officer and throwing him onto the hood of the car.

Presti continued driving down South Railroad Avenue for approximately 100 yards until responding officers were able to stop him, police say.

The deputy struck was treated and released from Staten Island University Hospital.

Presti was seen being escorted out of the precinct and into a sheriff's car shortly before 1 p.m.

Presti's lawyer disputed the police version of the events.

“We are currently interviewing eyewitnesses who contradict the Sheriff’s version of the events. We also possess video footage of the incident. I expect Danny to be arraigned this morning.” Presti’s lawyer, Mark Fonte, said. “We anticipated the bumbling Sherrifs to pull a stunt like this so we had Danny under surveillance the whole time. More details to follow.”

The bar was closed Tuesday after Presti was arrested for blatantly violating orders put in place to curb the rising number of coronavirus cases on Staten Island.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story referred to Presti as an owner of the bar.