NEW YORK - In 2016, Congressman Jerry Nadler defeated his Democratic challenger with 89 percent of the vote.

In 2018, he had no primary.

What You Need To Know

  • Nadler is high-profile chair of the House Judiciary Committee, has political roots on UWS.

  • His challengers are former state official Lindsey Boylan, former Yang aide Jonathan Herzog.

  • Congressman has fundraising edge in Manhattan/Brooklyn district.

And 2020 has been a high-profile year for Nadler, the Judiciary Committee chair who served as a manager in the impeachment hearings of President Donald Trump.

But this month, he’s facing two Democratic challengers who say he’s wrong for a district reeling from the coronavirus crisis and unrest in the wake of George Floyd’s killing.

“I think this moment is going to require a whole new generation of leaders, not just me," said Lindsey Boylan. "And it’s not by age, it’s just by willingness to show up at every action, to listen at every community meeting and to fight relentlessly.”

Boylan has made mental health a centerpiece of her platform.

And she says she knows how to create jobs as the former deputy secretary of economic development for the state.

Jonathan Herzog is a former Andrew Yang campaign staffer who, with Yang, successfully sued the state for the restoration of New York’s presidential primary.

He says he’s drafted a universal basic income bill and he criticized Nadler’s HEROES Act.

“A multi-trillion bailout for large multi-national firms. It just shows that he hasn’t learned the fundamental lesson of the financial crisis and of quantitive easing, where bailing out the banks and not the people is not the answer," Herzog said.

Nadler has deep political roots on the Upper West Side and has held his seat since 1992.

The congressman said in a video statement that he’s best-positioned to unify his 10th District, which encompasses the western edge of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

“It’s going to take all of us together to demand policies that get workers the wages they deserve and Medicare for All, because health care is a human right," Nadler said. "It’s going to take all of us to counter racism, to show that black lives truly matter.”

Nadler’s last financial campaign filing showed he had six and a half times as much cash on hand as Boylan with Herzog trailing much, much further behind.

The primary is June 23, early voting begins on June 13, and voters are encouraged to use absentee ballots.