NEW YORK - The temporary field hospital at the Javits Center is wrapping up after a little over a month of being open.

Its final patients are being released Friday.

The Javits Center is just one of a few temporary hospitals citywide that are starting to close.

The U.S. Army says it will officially be ending its medical support mission at the center as the city starts to see lower amounts of confirmed cases.

Medical personnel loaded charter buses Friday morning that took them home or to their next mission.

As many as 630 are being redeployed to local hospitals.

The center opened as a temporary hospital in late March.

It was equipped with 2,500 beds for patients.

According to officials, just over a thousand patients were treated.

A field operation set up by Samaritan's Purse in Central Park are also expected to wrap up in the coming weeks.

They were working with Mt. Sinai Hospital and had 68-bed tents set up last month with ICU capability.

As of now, there are only 18 patients there.