During Quarantine you can't go to dinner and a movie right now but that doesn't mean you can't still go on a date, a virtual date that is.

Quarandate is an online dating service that pairs singles with a potential match, but there's a twist.  The two can then go on a date that's livesteamed with a host who asks questions to see if you're compatible. The virtual date can last up to 30 minutes and people watching at home get to chime in and rate the pairs connection. According to the site, it's a fun way to safely find a match during the coronavirus crisis. 

"I started QuaranDate as somewhat of a joke. There was no planning or due diligence, which ironically shares the same characteristics of a blind date. I bought the domain name QuaranDate.com and shared it to my friend group, who mostly just laughed at it (and me). I was fine with that because it brought levity to the seriousness of the situation," said Founder Justin Kennedy of how he came up with the idea.

People who have taken part in the experience say they enjoyed the novelty of it all.

Greg, who starred in episode one, said, "My date was fantastic.  I've never met someone over video chat, and while I consider myself a social guy, having the host there to initiate the conversation was helpful. I also liked the fact that I could just exit out of the date if I wanted to, and while I didn't do that, it was a good extra feature, just in case."

Lauren, who also starred in episode one, said, "Talking on video conference was a new and fun experience that was just as fun as an in-person first date!"

Qurandate also launched a GoFundMe with Team Rubicon, a disaster response non-profit so people can contribute to help fist responders on the frontlines during the coronavirus pandemic.

To give it a try or watch live dates visit quarandate.com