NATIONAL — Stores across the country are beginning to offer special shopping hours for members of the senior population and those who are at a higher risk of complications from the coronavirus.

Below is a list of stores and special hours being offered for higher risk groups:

Publix - Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. (beginning Tuesday, March 24) for customers ages 65 and over

Target - The first hour of shopping will be reserved each Wednesday at stores nationwide for vulnerable guests – including elderly and those with underlying health concerns.

Walmart - From March 24 through April 28, stores will host an hour-long senior shopping event every Tuesday for customers aged 60 and older.

Whole Foods - All stores in the U.S. and Canada will service customers who are 60 and older one hour before opening to the general public.

Dollar General - The first hour of operations each day will be dedicated solely for the shopping needs of senior customers.

The Fresh Market - On weekdays the first shopping hour of 8 AM – 9 AM will be reserved for seniors and other individuals most at risk (those with chronic health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes).

Trader Joe's - The first hour of operations each day will be dedicated to serving senior citizens. Trader Joe's plans to organize a separate line outside its front door for seniors to give those custormers expedited entrance.

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