New Yorkers gathered Saturday afternoon for a large protest in Manhattan, demanding fair elections in the Dominican Republic.

The protest took place in Washington Heights, where there is a large Dominican population.

It comes on the heels of a software glitch in the country's electronic voting systems that caused it to suspend its municipal elections on February 16. The glitch happened just three hours after polls opened and impacted nearly 50 percent of voting centers.

"We are Dominicans even though we living here. We are protesting because we want a better government and we feel that there's just not support. The election process was a mess and that's why we're here,” said one person who attended the protest.

“Our people are tired and fed up with the injustice and situations that we are living with in our country. And the youth generation, we're coming up together to represent and raise our voice to just express how disgusted we are with everything that's going on there,” said another.

The Dominican Republic reportedly expects to hold municipal elections March 15, but with paper ballots.