The Christmas spirit has made its way to Broadway.

"A Christmas Carol" is a tale of redemption that ends with miserly Scrooge's transformation, becoming a good soul, but the show doesn't really want it to end there.

After the bows, the performers announce they're raising money for "Hearts of Gold."

A non-profit that helps homeless mothers and their children to become "confident and self-sufficient" as they prepare to transition out of the city's shelter system.

So far, the show has raised $12,000 for charity.

On Live at Noon, Roma was joined by Hearts of Gold CEO Deborah Koenigsberger, and Sarah Hunt, who plays Belle in "A Christmas Carol."

"Partnering with a non-profit was very important to the producers and to Matthew Warchus, our director, because it is entirely in line with the genesis of the play to begin with," said Hunt.

"The fact that 60,000 people will hear that mission every night, it will really impact. I feel like we're a small organization, grassroots started in New York and I think just the fact that people are hearing about this, we're getting calls and people are sending us notes, we're just so blessed and lucky this is happening because we really want to impact the situation more," said Koenigsberger.

"A Christmas Carol" is on Broadway through January 5th.

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