A time to exhale after a terrifying sight.

Just moments after a man holding his 5-year-old daughter jumped in front of an oncoming 4 train two bystanders helped to rescue the young girl from beneath its first car.

Miraculously, the girl survived with only a few cuts and bruises - and with her backpack intact.

Her 45-year-old father was struck by the train and pronounced dead at the scene.

"There was a man who in heroic efforts went down in the front of the tracks to see if the little girl was okay and he got her out and brought her up to us. And thank God above she is alright, she is fine. He is not," said one woman.

It all unfolded shortly before 8 a.m. on the crowded southbound platform of the Kingsbridge Road station in the Bronx as the Brooklyn-bound train approached.

Police are still trying to figure out what happened in the moments before his death. According to people who were on the platform, they say, he was talking on his phone and then jumped onto the tracks.

"We were screaming before the train even hit him. We see the train coming but he didn't have time to move. And the train looked like it rolled over both of them," said another woman.

The two men raised the girl onto the platform which was packed with morning commuters. She was then brought to Jacobi Medical Center. The two men who rescued her were taken to St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx with minor injuries, according to the Fire Department.

"He was her angel," the woman added.

The dead man was identified as Fernando Balbuena-Flores.

32 people had been struck and killed by trains as of July 22nd putting 2019 on pace to have slightly fewer such deaths than last year when 68 people were killed by December 31st.

And on this day in the Bronx one little girl did not become part of that grim statistic.