Backlash is growing against Equinox after news broke that one of the gym's biggest investors is hosting a fundraiser for President Trump.

Billionaire Stephen Ross is the chairman of Related Companies, which owns Equinox and Soul Cycle.

He's reportedly hosting the event tomorrow in the Hamptons.

Sources tell NY1, 100 people have cancelled their memberships yesterday but it's not clear if that's because of Ross.

We're told there's a major backlog to go through.

Members we spoke with had a mixed reaction to the fundraiser.

"I mean I would definitely think twice about staying a part of an organization that's going to support something that we shouldn't necessarily be supporting.” said one person.

“It's not something I like hearing but at the same time he in no way shape or form affects Equinox,” said another.

Equinox tried to distance itself from Ross in a statement.

The company called him a passive investor, and said it does not support his event.

It clarified that no profits from the gym fund politicians.