A group of tenants displaced from their Lower Manhattan apartment building went on a hunger strike Thursday.

The strike began Thursday morning when six tenants decided to camp outside the office of Housing Preservation and Development.

They're refusing to eat until they are let back in their homes.

The building at 85 Bowery was evacuated due to structural problems back on January 18th.

The landlord had two weeks to show proof of work on the building.

But that deadline came and went, forcing tenants to move to a shelter in East Brooklyn and now, a Chinatown hotel.

"You see you have seniors, newborn babies," said organizer Zishun Ning. "People are traumatized and they just want to go home now."

"What we are talking about is five sets of wooden stair cases in a walk up in Chinatown," said Don Lee.. "So it's just unbelievable that the city of New York is not able to make sure that the repair gets done."

A total of 75 people live in the five-story walkup.

The city says the owner is making necessary repairs, but gave no date as to when the tenants would be allowed back inside.