Some might get a sense of what’s happening inside the red brick building on Warren Place in Mount Vernon by the decorations on the outside.

Once walking in, visitors are enveloped by the spirit of Christmas.

Many of the city’s most famous holiday displays start in the building at American Christmas.

What You Need To Know

  • American Christmas is a more than 50-year-old company that specializes in commercial Christmas displays

  • They are located just north of the Bronx border in Westchester

  • Some of their clients include Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, Macy's and Cartier

  • The company is opening its Santa's Village showroom to the public for the holiday season, with ticket proceeds going to local charities

Julio Lopez, a production manager, is working with his team to get the Saks Fifth Ave display ready for another season.

“There’s a lot of components that got together, a lot of bits and pieces, a lot of details, so you have to be focused because one little mistake can throw everything off,” Lopez said.

Stephen Lusardi, a retail manager, showed NY1 around the warehouse and production floor at the company — a over 50-year-old commercial Christmas decorating specialist that works on office buildings and flagship retail spaces all over the city.

There are familiar items throughout from some of the city’s well-known displays, such as the giant Rockefeller Center Cadets and Radio City Music Hall Christmas Tree, Cartier Panther and others.

Even more impressive is the American Christmas Showroom, used for visiting clients.

It’s a Santa’s Village created by the staff and is open to the public for tours during the holiday season, along with a section of the warehouse.

All proceeds from ticket sales going to local charities, such as the Boys and Girls Club.

“We’re an experiential company. The reality is that we put up displays that are only up for six to eight weeks, and from our perspective we bring joy to New York during the holidays,” Dan Casterella, CEO of American Christmas, said.

As some would imagine, if people work at American Christmas, they probably love Christmas, or at least learn to love it.

“It’s a lot of Christmas and I’m a Halloween guy normally but the Christmas has seeped into the bone, and I like bringing my kid here because she loses her mind and she freaks out so that’s fun,” Issac Moore, a lifelong Bronx resident who is procurement manager for the company, said.

There is even a pop-up shop for visitor’s own home decorating needs.  

The Christmas Experience at American Christmas runs from Nov. 4 through Dec. 23.