Photoville is back!

Founded eleven years ago by Laura Roumanos, Sam Barzilay and Dave Shelley, the free photography festival has become one of the more popular events around town.

What You Need To Know

  • Photoville is a free photography festival in its 11th year

  • It runs from June 4 through June 26 at locations in all five boroughs

  • There are more than 60 exhibitions in 20 locations

  • More than 200 photographers are showing their work

It all started in Brooklyn Bridge Park in 2012, to bring photography to more New Yorkers and to spotlight the folks behind the camera who are addressing important global issues through visual storytelling.

"Showing the value of how important photography is to tell us really what's going on in the world," said Roumanos.

In DUMBO, Roumanos and others display some of their work on vinyl on a fence along Washington Street. But the event is also known for exhibiting in shipping containers.

There are photos from Charlie Hamilton Jones taken in the Serengeti in Africa, and from closer to home, Elias Williams profiles the nuances of Black Homeownership in St. Albans, Queens.

During the pandemic, the event was moved outdoors, and the trend will continue this year, with more than 60 exhibitions with work from more than 200 photographers in 20 outdoor locations citywide.

“It's like you can look at it in a magazine, but when you see this photo, this big here it's wonderful," said Roumanos. “Yesterday when we installed the work there were so many kids walking by, and for them to see it, this is why we do it."

Roumanos had a little preview of next year's Photoville, with plans to return to the old format.

"The shipping containers are coming back next year, in a very exciting way, which we will announce at the end of the year," said Roumanos.

This year's Photoville begins with a community day celebration in Brooklyn Bridge Park on Saturday and runs through June 26th. Find out more at