LOS ANGELES — Watching a video on a mobile device is becoming the preferred preference for many millennials and Gen Zers.

What You Need To Know

  • Gen Zers and millennials reportedly are watching more video content using mobile devices due to the pandemic

  • The joint study by Snap and Omnicom Media Group found Gen Z and millennials, ages 13 to 34, "significantly increased their video consumption in 2020"

  • The study highlights that we are entering the age of streaming and on-demand content available anywhere and any time of day 

According to a study released Tuesday, mobile and social media video consumption has grown among millennials and Gen Zers during the coronavirus pandemic. Many experts expect this trend to continue to grow in the future.

A joint study conducted by Snap, the parent company of social media messaging app Snapchat, and Omnicom Media Group, found the pandemic and the stay-at-home orders in many places fueled the demand and consumption of videos on social media and other applications on mobile.

"We found fundamental shifts in mobile behavior among U.S. consumers, particularly younger audiences," said David Roter, the vice president of Global Agency and Brand Partnerships at Snap, in a news release. "Many of these changes are here to stay. Our new study connects the data on new viewing habits with impacts on engagement, connection to others, and the value of positive, emotional responses. What we find is a reality where many have changed not only how they watch video, but where, when, and why."

The study comes as the pandemic continues, and most people are still either limited or apprehensive to go out.

With many theme parks still closed in California, live entertainment, theater, sporting events, and concerts prohibited, people have turned to their television, computer, and mobile devices for entertainment. 

In August, a Nielsen report found subscriptions for streaming services and mobile video consumption increased in U.S. households during the pandemic. A few months later, The Walt Disney Co. said it would make a more significant investment into its streaming services.

The Snap study is nothing new. Mobile video use has been increasing, especially among Gen Zers and millennials in the past several years. But it further illustrates that society is entering the age of streaming and on-demand video entertainment made immediately available anytime, anywhere, and within reach of our fingertips.

The Snap study, which surveyed 1,000 people ages 13 to 34 nationwide, found 56% of respondents said they watched more videos on streaming apps and platforms such as Netflix and Hulu.

More than 61% watched more videos on social media apps such as Snapchat or Instagram, and others. And more than half, 52% of respondents, said they watch these videos on a smartphone.

The study also included why these millennials and Gen Zers watch videos on Snapchat or other social media sites. The reasons ranged from learning something new, unplug, lift mood, see what others are doing, sharing news to discovering new content, and or reacting to a particular video post.


Additionally, the study added that many of these consumers "are highly engaged and immersed while watching videos on these apps." Consumers are even more engaged watching videos of their close friends.

The author of the study further said that the pandemic has changed how young people consume media, and there's no looking back.

"The changes that fully formed in 2020 have now been cemented in the lives of Gen Zers and millennials, significantly altering their use of mobile video for years to come," the study said.