Surveillance video shows the moment a father used his body to shield his three children from a barrage of bullets inside a car dealership. Innocent bystanders were caught in the crossfire of a gang-related shooting.

Authorities say the act of violence is one of several last summer in the Bronx and Manhattan, tied to the 20-30 gang. Also known as the 30-block crew, officials say the gang would steal money from essential workers and the government.  

“These are the forgotten victims. The forgotten people who bare the brunt of violence in our city. This has got to stop. Only by working together to target the few people in our community that are damaging so many can we stop this,” said Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark.

The Bronx and Manhattan District Attorneys were joined by the Police Commissioner to announce that eight members of the 20-30 gang had been arrested. The first tip to police came from a Lyft driver that had been scammed, one of many rideshare drivers targeted during the pandemic.

The crew, officials say, would request rides, and once in the car ask to borrow the driver’s phone to call a friend, but instead would transfer money out of the ride share application and mobile payment apps into the suspect’s own debit cards.

The crew is also accused of stealing identities to commit unemployment fraud in several states and laundering nearly $300, 000 in fraudulent pandemic related benefits by buying U.S. Postal Service money orders.

“The individuals who are charged with acts of shooting in the Bronx and possession of weapons in Manhattan were the locus of a fairly sophisticated cyber scam and long running identity theft,” said Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr.

Authorities say a search of the suspects’ homes turned up $100,000 of dollars in cash and money orders, more than $150 debit and credit cards, as well as loaded guns. Some weapons were traced to shootings in the Bronx, including one that injured an innocent woman in her fifties. The victim still has the bullet lodged in her body.

Now the suspects face a slew of charges including identity theft, grand larceny and conspiracy to commit murder.

“Enough for the senseless gun violence. Enough for the gang activity and enough for criminals holding communities hostage. Today’s announcement is the latest example of the NYPD’s commitment to precision policing,” said NYPD Police Commissioner Dermot Shea.

Officials say it is fitting to announce the gang take down in time for National Night Out Against Crime because it shows they are doing everything they can to fight crime and keep communities safe.