Viewing artwork serves as an outlet for some Ukrainians amidst the war that rages on.

“The war is still brutal. It is still ongoing, and it's our mission to educate people about it, here at the gallery, and we want to do it in a thoughtful way through art,” owner of Mriya Gallery, Artem Yalanskiy said.

Artem Yalanskiy opened "Mriya" in Tribeca last year. It’s an art gallery dedicated to showcasing Ukrainian art and employ Ukrainians.

What You Need To Know

  • Artem Yalanskiy is from Zaporizhzhia, the location of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant where there were drone strikes recently

  • "Mriya" is a gallery that showcases Ukrainian artists

  • Mriya means dream in Ukraine

  • Since September the gallery has raised more than $25,000

“Everything you see at the gallery, we brought from Ukraine,” Yalanskiy said.

He’s lived in New York for eight years but was born and raised in Ukraine.

”I come from Zaporizhzhia, which is a very dangerous city to live in, right now,” Yalanskiy said.

He shared images of the destruction to his hometown after recent drone strikes to the nuclear power plant there — Europe’s largest.

“I have my classmates there. I have my friends there. They are all still there,” Yalanskiy said.

Since it opened in September, he says the gallery has raised more than $25,000 to support Ukrainian charities. At this week’s events, raffle ticket sales brought in more than $800 for prints by artist Oleksii Shcherbak. He fled Kiev in the spring of 2022 and explains that leaving was hard.

“It was devastating, and it took a lot of energy,” Shcherbak said.

The charity receiving the donation: Razom for Ukraine.

“One of the reasons that we work with advocacy and with culture is to help people see Ukraine, modern contemporary Ukraine, and have an emotional connection with it,” CEO of Razom for Ukraine, Dora Chomiak said.

A connection Yalanskiy hopes his gallery can provide to Ukrainians and New Yorkers alike.

“Our people were, and have been, and will be unbreakable,” Yalanskiy said.

The name of his gallery, “Mriya” means dream in Ukrainian.

“We all dream of a peaceful future,” Yalanskiy said.