Singer, songwriter and musician Jill Fiore has turned the living room of her second Floor walkup on the Lower East Side into a music studio. 

Sometimes, though, she needs some fresh air and she takes the show outside to her fire escape overlooking Essex Street. She plays outdoor concerts she calls, The Fiore Escape.

What You Need To Know

  • Jill Fiore is a singer/songwriter/musician who decided to perform a concert for neighbors from her second floor fire escape

  • She calls the concerts "The Fiore Escape"

  • The concerts are free and require the listeners wear masks and socially distance

  • Fiore came up with the idea when she went out on her fire escape to get fresh air as she recovered from COVID-19 in April

“I kind of transformed it into a stage," said Fiore, who first got the idea when she stepped out on to her fire escape back in April when she finally had the strength as she recovered from COVID-19. “I felt alive again and I felt hopeful." 

Fiore has been playing and performing for about a dozen years. The free shows only require the crowd wear masks and socially distance. The first one went so well she wants to do it again to give a boost to the community she loves. 

"I was planning on it being a one off but then it kind of became a responsibility, it was something that we had to do again," said Fiore, who is getting ready to rock the fire escape again with Bassist Jason Taylor and Lead Guitarist, The Baron. Despite this creative way of bringing live music to people, she says she's missing the city's music venues, which are struggling tremendously during the pandemic.

"I have a lot of friends who are musicians or venue owners or lighting directors and seeing their struggle breaks my heart so I’m doing it for them as well."