SAN ANTONIO — Surveillance video reveals the moment a man rides a bike out of a San Antonio thrift shop. Now police are on the job to return it.

The bike was taken from Roy Maas Youth Alternatives Thrift Shop Saturday night. A police report has been filed. Store manager Kaz Sephton was at the register when the thief pedaled out.

"I should of yelled, "You're on camera!" I just didn't think of it. My eyes were wide open I couldn't believe that somebody had the gall to speed out the door on a bicycle we were selling for children," said Sephton.

The shop serves as the nonprofit's money maker which assists many of the children the nonprofit houses in their emergency shelter. Many of its items are donated; just like the stolen blue bike which was given by the San Antonio Police Department. 

"When someone steals from the thrift shop, that money that would go towards our children's programs is no longer available so it's a really big loss for us," said Renee Garvens of RMYA.

Both Garvens and Sephton hope the video caught by their shop's cameras will lead police to the bike bandit. However, RYMA is offering another peaceful alternative for the thief.

"Then there would be no harm, no foul it would be fine. That would be a wonderful alternative," said Garvens.

This isn't the first time an item has been stolen from the nonprofit. More than a thousand dollars in landscaping was stolen from the RYMA's Bridge emergency shelter in June 2017.