AUSTIN, Texas - Each year the Austin Film Critics Association gives out the Austin Film Award for the best movie connected to the city.

People like Richard Linklater and Robert Rodriguez are usually in the mix.

For 2017, a first time local filmmaker took the prize with an assist from actor Elijah Wood, who also lives in Austin.

A mix of crime, comedy and romance collide in "I Don't Feel At Home in this World Anymore."

The debut feature from Austin-based filmmaker Macon Blair was shot in Portland but the pieces came together in Austin - like writing the script and pitching Wood on the project at a local movie theater.

"I ran into him one time, I think at the Alamo and I said 'I have a script I think you'd be great for this part. Do you want to read it?' And he said 'yeah.' I don't know what I was expecting but he called back in two or three days and was really excited," said Blair.

The excitement carried through production and a successful run on Netflix, eventually earning the Austin Film Award for 2017.

On Saturday Blair gets to take a bow when the film shows on the big screen at the Austin Film Society Cinema.

"It's a Netflix movie and that's great, but it also means there's not an opportunity to see it on the big screen. This was really an exciting opportunity I'm very grateful for it," said Blair.

There's another reasons for him to celebrate.

Blair is a long time actor who has a role in "The Florida Project," another indie film in the thick of awards season as one of the most acclaimed movies of the year.

"I knew there was something there but then all the sudden people are talking about it in Oscar consideration and it's winning all these awards and it's just a really happy thing to see unfold," said Blair.

The AFS Cinema is hosting a screening of "I Don't Feel At Home in this World Anymore" Saturday at 7:00 p.m. Blair will be on hand for Q&A.

Blair said he's now working on another movie he hopes to shoot soon in Austin this year.