SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Never underestimate what a warm blanket can do, especially for a homeless pet. 

With spools of thread, busy hands, and big smiles Julie Shore and daughters Ava and Payton are making a difference.

"My daughter Payton wanted to help out the community. She really loves animals, so I started looking around the community to see how we could help," Shore said.

She found the group Comfort for Critters. For the last two years, volunteers stitched blankets and toys for dogs and cats going through foster programs with Animal Care Services. 

"It's pretty special. They come here with nothing. They come here without a family, without items, without toys, and they leave here with something," said ACS Volunteer Coordinator Krystine Ellan.   

It doesn't take much. Organizers say people don't have to be a seamstress to contribute. There is plenty to do, including donating items like fleece, materials, t-shirts, and time.

"You don't necessarily need to know how to sew. If you can tie a knot, you can make a whole blanket," Ellan said.

One stitch, one tie, and one hour at a time. 

Everyone is welcome to come and give their time, just be sure to contact Animal Care Services a head of time. The group meets every fourth Sunday of the month.

--How to Help:--

If you're interested in coming out to help, give Animal Care Services a call at 210-207-4738, visit their website, or visit the group's Facebook.