SAN ANTONIO - It was an outdoor celebration showcasing one of San Antonio’s most beautiful and hidden treasures found on the city's Southside.

On Saturday, hundreds of runners and dozens of kayakers participated in this year’s River Relay and Get Outdoors event.

The San Antonio River Foundation and San Antonio River Authority partnered up to help promote outdoor recreation and healthy living.

Proceeds from the competition help out river initiatives, such as art installations and educational projects along the San Antonio River.

“I think it’s a big well-kept secret. You know that you can get out here anytime at your convenience – walk, run, cycle, kayak and just enjoy it,” said Estela Avery, executive director of the San Antonio River Foundation.

With the holidays right around the corner, the San Antonio River Authority will light up the northern section of the River Walk with its annual Museum Reach River of Lights that is happening on Dec. 3.