SAN ANTONIO, Texas--Construction on a new facility over at the San Antonio International Airport is now complete. 

It's not common to see a puppy potty station in the middle of an airport. But officials at the San Antonio International Airport say they couldn't ignore the need any longer. There are now two pet relief areas open inside the terminals here.

People like Lynn Vu and Virginia Patterson say it's exactly what they, and their four-legged friends, needed.

“It's very helpful for people who travel with their pet, especially an emotional support animal. So we don't have to worry,” said Lynn Vu, who was traveling to San Diego.

Over 8 million people pass through this airport every year. Some of them with their service animals.

“Our Pups and Planes are here, our canines go through here, TSA dogs go through here,” said San Antonio Airport official Evelyn Bailey.

By law, airports must provide a pet relief area. But, in most the rest stop for rover is outside, meaning pet parents have to go through security again.

“You have to go across the street and it's not convenient. in most places it's not convenient,” explained traveler Virginia Patterson.

“It's tough sometimes. Five or six hours before, we don't let him eat anything or drink anything. We don't want him to do his business in the airport,” said Vu. 

Airport officials say right now San Antonio's airport is one of very few in the country who have indoor pet relief facilities. 

“It's a choice, her or me, who gets to go and now she gets to go first,” said Patterson, who hopes this is the beginning of a growing trend.