SAN ANTONIO — Sometimes a second chance for success is all you need to kick-start a new career, which is typically true for people with a criminal record.

Workforce Solutions Alamo and the Office of Eastpoint teamed up to bring employers and job seekers under one roof.

"We have such a low unemployment right now. It's 3.4 percent, so as employers we have to dip into different talent pools,” said Lydia Elder with Workforce Solutions Alamo.

Many of the 200 job seekers have things in common.

"I'm on time to work, I come to work and I'm a hard worker,” said job seeker Franklin Johnson.

Like Johnson, they’re ready for a fresh start.

"I've got a criminal history. Trying to get past that so, I moved down here from Wichita Falls and I've been here about a week,” Johnson said.

Finding a job with a criminal record stuck to your resume isn't easy. 

"First and foremost they're facing that stigma behind them that they are ex-offenders to begin with, and you're kind of written off as being an ex-offender no matter what you've done, no matter what the severity is,” Elder said.

Instead of writing them off, these 20 employers are taking down their names. As with any job, when experience is relatable, it means something. 

"We work a lot with veterans, particularly homeless veterans. We work with mothers who are in crisis that who may be also homeless,” said Arnulfo Sandoval with Family Endeavors.

Throughout the day more than 30 contingent offers were made on the spot. Ten out of 12 employers opened the door for 60 on-site interviews, which will be conducted within the next several weeks.