SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Workforce Solutions Alamo recently received a $200,000 grant initiated by the Texas Workforce Commission to put towards its science, technology, math and engineering-based externship programs.

This week, physics teacher Erin Price’s classroom is H-E-B. Price and 150 other local middle and high school teachers are spending time with different employers to learn where STEM studies meet the real world.

"It gives us a chance to put that in our lessons and answer the question 'Where are we going to use this?',” said Price.

"I think students relate to us as being a customer service assistant or a checker in the grocery stores. They have no idea how many behind the scenes things that go on in H-E-B that relate to STEM,” said Katie Chain.

The program shows teachers what job skills are required for different industries and its ultimate goal for the summer is to incorporate opportunities into the curriculum.


This is the second year the program has been offered for San Antonio educators.