Call it a jam session for the mind.

This is the San Antonio Soundgarden, where dozens of musicians and promoters met Tuesday to share ideas.

It's the first ever Las Raices – or The Roots – forum.

An initiative brought to life by a group trying to build up the local music scene. 

”We're all sprouting from the same ground. We might be individual trees and groups, but in a forest, the roots all run together,” said George Garza, Jr. of the San Antonio Local Music Guild.

The group wants to create a sustainable music industry that allows talented musicians and business owners to thrive.

”We're coming down as a collective to nail down some ideas, create some goals that are sustainable and actionable and bringing those to city leaders to business leaders in order for musicians to have their voice be heard,” said Adam Tutor of Las Raices.  

This isn't about being next Austin or Nashville.

Instead, it's about being a city that values music.

Tutor continued, “There's no reason why a musician who was trained professionally should ever be doing their craft for free.”

People here envision a San Antonio music district full of opportunities for more gigs and to grow fan bases. But, musicians and promoters agree that will take some work.

Promoter Libby Day said, “We have some challenges. Our geographic size. Our poor public transportation infrastructure.”

Promoters like Libby Day says simple upgrades like sidewalks, lighting and crosswalks would help nearby music venues.

Day added, “You've got people speeding by, you've got street lights that are out, there's no crosswalks, lights don't work.”

Those quality of life improvements will build businesses that can pay talent what they're worth.

Day continued, “Ultimately what makes a first class city is a first class music and arts community.”

She and others hope the rest of San Antonio feels the same.