Becoming a citizen of the United States is a dream for many around the world.

As part of a special ceremony to celebrate DreamWeek at San Antonio's DoSeum, more than 50 children were granted U.S. citizenship.

Many have lived here for a number of years but now they and their parents wished to make it official.

Some of the children realize citizenship means opportunities to reach their own dreams.

"My parents came over here to give us, their children, a better life because America has a reputation of having good schools, a good society,” said Cris Simonabrea, a newly U.S. citizen. “So my parents knew that and they moved over here just for that. So we could have a better life and I'm proud of them for the sacrifices they made."

The DoSeum is offering several other chances for children to learn about DreamWeek and the history behind it.

After the ceremony, the public listened to immigrant family storytelling and original work from the San Antonio poet laureate.