Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau is asking for patience in the deadly shooting probe involving two of her deputies. The shooting killed 41-year-old Gilbert Flores, and was caught on tape. It's making national headlines because many say the lethal force was unjustified. Our John Salazar has the latest from the investigation as the sheriff weighed in.

According to Pamerleau, there's a lot more to this story than the video millions around the country have seen.

A new second video -- shot by another citizen -- has surfaced, leading to discussions of it and the public videotaping of cops on the job.

Late Wednesday, Pamerleau confirmed a second video now has been handed over to investigators.

"The video is just one piece of evidence that we are evaluating in this investigation," said Pamerleau. "That video causes us concern."

The sheriff says Flores appears to be holding a knife in his left hand in the new video.

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Her department asked DPS to review both tapes.

"So, that we have a much better view of what happened and in what sequence," said Pamerleau.

Citizens taping police encounters across the country is nothing new.

In Austin, controversial cop-watch activist Antonio Buehler has been arrested multiple times for videotaping law enforcement.

"We need to be out there recording them because that's the way we get accountability," he said.

Prominent San Antonio attorney Gerry Goldstein says it's quickly becoming a two-way street.

"More and more officers are going to be armed with body cams. Most police vehicles now have a dash cam," said Goldstein.

It's a new norm for officers in the digital age, with more eyes on them than ever before.

"I think it ensures that the police should be careful because they will be on video," said Goldstein.

Both deputies are on 10 days administrative leave -- which is standard procedure.

Scanner traffic at the time of the shooting was also recorded and put on YouTube.

In it, a 911 caller warns dispatch that the suspect was threatening "suicide by cop."


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