SAN ANTONIO -- A clean sweep is in the plans for the Camelot II neighborhood.

Bexar County Commissioners set aside $250,000 for a pilot program to pick up the trash.

Camelot II is an unincorporated area of Bexar County, but it's also an extra territorial jurisdiction of San Antonio.

Recently the city gave the county the authority to pick up garbage.

The Walzem Road Area Revitalization Group brought the issue to the commission's attention.

Neighbors say they're looking forward to seeing clean streets, but it's each person's responsibility to bag their own trash.

"I would feel good if the neighborhood would back it up and keep it that way I would feel very good about it. Instead of them telling me, I can barely walk, to clean this up. Because I'm not going to do it," said resident Roger Clanton.

Specific details about the pilot program haven't been sorted out yet.

Currently there is no specific trash collection service for that area.


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