Eye surgery is on hold until Rosie the pit bull is strong enough to go through the procedure.

Rosie was the victim of what's being called one of San Antonio’s worst animal cruelty cases. San Antonio Animal Care Services says its medical team is working to help Rosie gain her strength and she'll be re-evaluated within the next two weeks.

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Rosie has redness around her face, which the team says is a sign that she is healing. Her fur is also slowly growing back, but she still has a long road to recovery.

Thanks to community donations, Rosie’s future medical needs are all taken care of. Animal Care Services has received an outpouring of support locally, statewide and nationally.

Rosie was found last month with chemical burns to her face. Officials say she may have gone several weeks without medical care.

San Antonio police arrested Ignacio Sanchez Alvarez for animal cruelty charges at the same house where Rosie was found.


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