You are never too young for a little rock n’ roll.

The School of Rock put on their big Winter Performance Show Line Up this weekend. For 15-year-old Veronica Salazar, the nervous feelings in her stomach from being on stage, eases up a bit with every performance.

"They're still there but it’s more adrenaline now,” she said. “Kind of pumps me up and gets me excited for the performance."

Veronica has been a student at the School of Rock for only six months. The teenager's mother recognized her daughter’s interest in music and signed her up for class.

"She saw that I was really interested in playing piano and singing,” Veronica said. “She thought this would be a good way to get out and practice and have experience with it."

Eight-year-old Victoria Ceja already knows she wants to be a famous guitar player. The school allows kids as young as five a chance to chase that dream.

"I can play ‘Rolling in the Deep,’” Ceja said. “I can play ‘Seven Nation Army,’ ‘Louie, Louie’ and one that's called ‘Spanish Road Man.’"

Older students like Gavin Massey see the art of creating music as a healthy outlet.

"It helps me with everyday life,” he said. “Getting out of bed, going to school, taking a test--it helps me with everyday life. It's how I live."

For the school's owner Michelle Patton, there is nothing more satisfying than watching her children perform.

"If you ask the kids what they love, they often will say, 'It's my family here. It's my family,'" Patton said. “The parents say they just want to come more and more and more and more.”

Right now, the School Rock has about 125 students. Money raised this weekend helps support the school and buys new instruments. Hundreds attended the two-day event. Click here for more information.